Resonance, 2024
Coated glass sphere, aluminum profile, wood,
sensors, speaker, cables, electronics
Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

Resonance (2024) is an artwork designed to react to the detection of candidate gravitational wave events caused by merging compact binaries such as black holes or neutron stars. It receives real-time alerts from a global network of gravitational wave detectors, and in response, it generates unique audible waves that are influenced by the surrounding environmental conditions.

Equipped with multi-sensors, the artwork collects information about its immediate environment and detects the presence and motion of nearby living beings. When an alert is received, these sensors are triggered to gather and relay data about the environment and the activity of the artwork's devices. This data serves as a parameter for shaping a generative real-time sound composition. The resulting audio is emitted through a speaker housed within a glass sphere, with its physical properties influencing the final sonic output.

It is as if these cosmic ripples could introduce a disorder to the artwork, prompting it to generate sound waves. It is a piece that remains partially hidden, until certain conditions are met, to allow the interplay between cosmic and terrestrial events to unfold.