The analysis of reality produces reality


The formation of each triangle on the potato's surface is manifested through slight engravings on its outer layer, gradually encompassing the entire vegetable with a triangulated pattern.

These engravings alter the potato's interaction with its environment. As time elapses, the incisions deepen, assuming a darker hue, while the potato's exterior softens.

However, the triangulation method applied to each fresh potato has the capability of assigning a topological invariant to the vegetable. This invariant arises from the total number of vertices, edges, and faces formed by the triangles—a number that remains unchanged even as the potato experiences deformation over time.

We can perceive the process of decay as a mapping from the initially engraved triangles on the fresh potato to the distorted ones as it undergoes rot.

Natural processes unfolding in the decomposing potatoes become equivalent to the continuous transformations of topological spaces, blurring the boundary between the natural and abstract concepts of transformation.

The analysis of reality produces reality, 2022
Engraved potatoes (from the land of Italy).

Polo del ‘900, Turin, Italy.

The analysis of reality produces reality, 2021
Engraved potatoes (from the land of Franch ).